Are you looking to set your puppy up to be the best, most confident version of themselves in life? Then you know socialization is key to helping that be a reality! Our Puppy Socialization options can help do just that. Instead of treading those waters alone we can help you decide how best to spend your time in these early and formative weeks of your puppy's life.

We will help you teach your dog some basic but helpful skills, read your dog's body language, navigate your puppy greeting new people and dog's, introduce new items, potty training, body handling, and overall confidence out in the world!

We offer both Classic 1-on-1 and Day Training options for this as 2-month memberships. Want to be as hands on as possible through the process? Classic 1-on-1's are the best option for you. Want us to lay the foundations and infrastructure to make it easier on you and your schedule? Day Training is the way to go.

Interested in this service for your dog? Schedule your Initial Consultation below!