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Day training is a great option for anyone who wants to hire a trainer and have them do most of the heavy lifting. It is similar to Board & Train options except you don't have to send your dog away. We come to you and do the training in your home and/or take your dog into the necessary environment.

Everything starts with a 90min virtual consultation via Zoom. We will discuss the issue at hand, your dog's behavioral history, meeting their day to day needs, the goals you have for you and your dog and then set realistic expectations on reaching those goals.

From there you can pick pick between 1 month day training packages packages or 3-month membership options and schedule your training sessions. This can be done at the consultation or a sign up link can be emailed to you along with your consultation follow up.

After sessions are scheduled we come to your home and start working with your dog. Throughout the membership you will be required to participate in "Transfer Sessions" where your trainer will show you how to practice what your dog has learned up to that point.

Interested in this service for your dog? Schedule your Initial Consultation below!

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