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Need some personal coaching
and help building an amazing relationship with your family dog?

General Manners (Sit, Down, Leave It, Stay etc.)
Loose Leash Walking
Jumping on guests
Puppy socialization & training
Deaf Dogs

Things we can help with:

Crate Training
Resource Guarding
Fear-Based Reactivity (Dogs & People)
Frustration-Based Reactivity (Dogs & People)
Compulsive Disorders


Payment Plans & Sliding Scale Pricing

Understanding the need for more affordable private dog training options we will be offering sliding scale pricing options on a limited basis month to month for In Person 1-on-1's & Virtual 1-on-1's. We hope that this allows us to help more families in need moving forward. We are also offering a set discount for consultations if needed. Please message/email us for that discount code if needed. Click HERE to read more about these options.
Consultation Price: $150


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