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Ready to evolve the relationship you have with your dog?

Helping you understand your canine family member to best meet their health, physical, and mental needs & using effective rewards based practices, we can help you create a relationship built on clarity, trust, & cooperation.

The mission

Understanding that a large number of dogs are surrendered and euthanized for solvable behavior issues and seeing the need for clarity and transparency in pet dog training, we want to help the world better understand the simplicity and complexity of our canine companions so that we can live better together. Educating people with humane, reward based, science and evidence grounded training and advice, we promise to continue our personal education evolving with new information when necessary to ensure we are providing this community with the best information and techniques available. The mission of Evolved Dog Training is to arm as many people as possible with the modern knowledge, skills, and confidence to better the lives they have with their dogs, helping keep more dogs in homes living happy lives.


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