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For puppies that are 8-14wks old!

Start your puppy off on the best paw possible in our
Evolved Puppy Pre-K group classes. These classes are OPEN ENROLLMENT which means you can sign up and start at any time!

These classes are designed and focused on helping you create a solid foundation of confidence, safety, and trust between you, your dog, and the world at large. We will be helping your puppy start creating positive associations to the world around them so they become confident and sound dogs. We will discuss how to go about greeting new people, greeting new dogs, potty & chew training, body handling, resource guarding prevention, and more!

6 weeks of class - $175


Family Dog Foundations

This class is for dog's 5 months to 1 year old!

Building up a great relationship with your dog starts day 1 and we will help you start doing just that in this class. Focusing on understanding our dogs for who they are and creating a relationship based on clarity and trust. You will learn how to better understand and communicate with your canine companion and your dog will begin learning how to operate in our modern human world.

6 weeks of class - $175

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